At the time of creation there was a singular energy being who came into existance before all else. This being known as Magus created an alternate dimension and imprisoned all other beings there. Magus feeds from the hopes and dreams of all humans, especially little children who are energy rich.

Play as Herbert, a monster manifested from the fears of all children that are discarded by Magus. The player must enter childrens rooms through their bed portals, Collecting toys to weaken Magus' dimensional boundaries and allows the player to access more bed locations.

Help Herbert save the world by taking toys from all of the children and making them cry.

Brief note: My first #LDJAM (and first proper use of unity engine to boot) has been fabulous. Having said that; the current build of the game does not have pickup items, it instead features beds which act as portals for the player to move about the level between two different terrain layers that are both on screen at the same time inter-mingled with one another.

Thanks so much for playing & I look forward to your comment.

- thejinx.